There was once a placid phase of my life when sleeping used to be the most important thing (after reading of course) , all those halcyon of times when I would contemplate the most important events that occurred during the course of the day ranging from what a bird-brainer the girl next to me was? to why arent people broad-minded? to what a great looker hrithik is...awww..and slowly doze off to my blissful, nay heavenly sleep. Ah! How much I miss my old self despite all its shortcomings of pristine, unfettered naiveté with its ingenuous trademark that saw the world in rose coloured glasses. I had loved my life more than any worldly thing and nothing else mattered to me more than myself, the grandiloquent self-love you might proclaim I possessed despite its mundane flaws bequeathed in me a sense of calm and joy that surpassed any other worldly happiness. I was blissfully ignorant of feeling for other humans around me and walked as if nobody else mattered except my own self. Selfishness, thou shall reckon it to be, but now I know it’s the path of illumination to find one’s Holy Grail. Oh yes, to each her own! (Microsoft word says there is a grammatical error in this line ..something to do with reflexive pronoun...Bah!!To hell with grammar and to even greater hell’s contorted passage may be subjected Microsoft). My life ambition was to find a yet-invincible-path that has never been traversed through and make it suitable for human congregation possible in that un-inhabited aisle that connects homo-sapien settlement to the other worldly ways.Everything seemed to have been under such a long hibernation that i almost thought that that bit of me died somewhere along the way, how wrong i was;)

Alright alright, am stopping it here, I can hear some long exasperated sighs already underway, no more moronic crap thrown at you jus coz you landed up here by mere accident:P
MSEC has a grand entourage of various blocks of departments,bulidings and trees is so huge that three colleges of different academic accreditations are encompassed into one single campus...can u imagine that..well this isnt on to understand more about this extravagant college.

MSEC is a synergy of an highly renowned landscape-beauty with lush gardens and a gurukul where true gandhian education is imparted...yes..gandhi would be content in his grave to hear that a truly erudite staff such as MSEC's is spreading values and education like no other in the world...more than the scholarly staff i must surely make a point on the method of sum it up in a word i could say un-pedantic...their motto is kindling the spirit of education and metamorphosizing the latent talents buried hidden in one and bringing it to the fore of the world...

But this post is neither about the luxurious landscape nor the intellectual capabilities of the professors who have descended from other planets called the wisdom-piter,experience-tune,rational-us and is about the other activities our college pursues to foster the all-round amelioration of a student like campus-cleaning.

Now why do i say campus-cleaning is a soul-nourishing-exercise thats bound to improve the personality of a because it imbibes in us knowledge such
as how to broom a floor, how to sweep staircases,how to pull grass from barren lands,how to sweep a whole road tell me where can u get such a packaged education which teaches u to broom,sweep and cleanse..all in a single there any place in the world which imparts broom-holding or pulling-the-grass strategies?... answer is NO...well to say.. the campus is already so spotlesslly clean that it doesnt require any further cleaning at all...every piece of article beddecking the college is unblemished and untarnished so much so that there isnt any necessity of it to be wiped clean at all...but the practice and the consequences of that earthly experience is what is kept in mind in bestowing upon this humble activity...truly humbling experience aint that?;)

To provide testimony to the afore mentioned facts,pictures right from ground-zero;)

the-to-be-sweep-ingineers of the MSEC;)

the aayas and akkas of the future-cleaning-force of the world:P

the broomstick warriors of final CSE;)

a moment that is frozen,that these sweepers aka aayas are so gonna cherish in their life to come:D:P

PS: no sarcasm has been intended,anybody percieving more than what has been intended can go hike themself..cmon guys am a so-totally innocuous soul incapable of anything more than straight talk:|

PPS:my college rules and anybody with contrary notions can go barge their heads on the refrain from throwing muck else u shall face dire consequence;)
My mind is lost in a deserted island...faraway from the inhabitance of humans.There is a long forgotten charm in this island that pulls me towards itself nonchalantly.It seemed to be a clear november morning or was it the heavens azure.. A tender rawness and earthy landscape which is brutal at the same time mystifying seemed to encompass me. There is this placid aura surrounding me that is at once alluring to my senses.A tropical bird which is the colour of a turquoise blue and the size of an eagle with a prominent aquiline beak was flapping its wings noisily nearby.I seem to be the lone sixth-sense being walking the rugged rocks and sands.I was plagued by millions of questions as i took to walking to find my way across..
Why was i here...What am i doing?? Was this where everybody landed or am i here because of the all the deeds i had committed in my lifetime.Wandering around this place gives me a deja vu..or is it just a bizarre play of mind.Am unable to think properly..thoughts come n go...but the feeling these evanescent thoughts
leave seem to stay with me for an eternity...
BAMM!! I landed on my bedroom floor..i woke up massaging my head,slowly coming out of the drowsy reverie and senses creeping back was all in my head was it??!!..what was that..a dream or a nightmare..not a dream because something about it
seemed to tantalize my soul like when your on a rollercoaster can never be sure whether you liked or dreaded at the end of it..only thing was it was contrary to the pace of a moved like an aeon passing every step i took each bestowing me with hundreds of centuries worth wisdom

I cannot describe it as being beautiful or ugly..
Rather i cud say it was like a subtle poignant poem on the veracity about something called life:)
why is it that every human puts the beauty of physical appearance on an exalted pedestal over the true character of the person?

This illusive question has been eluding my perception from a long time...

The exquisite outward appearance outstrips the inner purity and honesty quite intangibly in this mundane world.From the ages of begone era beauty has been deified and worshipped by even erudite and ancient folks.Beautiful women have always been the occupants of the throne in the altars of eminent greatness and also reigned the hearts of millions of men from time immemorial.The ethereal attraction of beauty has held people enchanted in its clasp and wars have been fought and men have died for the sake of some imbecile beauty.But why isnt that no war yet been fought for the one who was ugly yet intelligent?

My inept gleaning of the truth has lead only to the painful acceptance of the inevitable answer in my 20 year existence in this terraqueous orb:(
I am not innately beautiful...on the contarary am appallingly plain....yet i love the way i am. Wars will not be fought for me but i shall fight my battles to get my answers.And finally if i dont get my answer i shall wail like a banshee lamenting the death of sensibility.
Most of my posts have been subtle musings and my mystical-cum-philosophical enlightenment of life or rather my insolent ranting about the world…to understand what I mean check this out suckin world and Is life gettin perplexin or am i...

I had stopped blogging for a while because that intensified my propensity to scream and rant about trivial and petty things which I have come to realize now... So am on a retrospection mode...analyzing SHAMEEM THEN and SHAMEEM NOW


1) My first impressions then were the worst impressions but these days my second and third impressions are also turning out to be shoddier :(

2) Once one of my friends told me
"Shameem, u have such a wild and wicked imagination, you could write a novel…Sigh!!"
(Now don’t go asking me to start writing a novel in the comment section...i know many people are awaiting my book already )…it was then…now I cant even write a decent post... my forlorn imagination has gone astray and has been replaced by a hapless sensibility which prevents me from making brazen statements about people and things anymore.

3) I once told my teacher
“You had two whole hours today, mam….but u dint take a thing”
But now I have learnt to keep my big-fat mouth shut for good…I don’t make such abnormally inconceivable raw statements even if they are true :(

4) The above statement might lead you to feel this lioness has been tamed and she has turned into a poltroon…not that some people haven’t already suggested all those people I wish to tell…
“Shameem tamed…sheesh…u wish!!”
Well, why am I behaving like this you might ask…blame it on the slow creeping of sensibility into my head :( is my answer.

5) When I was 17 years old my doctor once told
“the problem with shameem is intellectually she is like that of a 21 year old, but emotionally she is like a 12 year old”
Maybe this was the reason I was behaving weirdly with people some time ago and clearly lacking to understand emotions but no more...people who are conspiring against me and trying to collect points against me, don’t jump on this one coz it exists no more and no more I shall say here.

6) Life seemed to be a never-ending nightmare but now I wish it never ends…even if I have to do with the nightmares.

First of all thanks to that teacher of mine who inculcated discipline in me. If it hadn’t been for her I would have been a ruthless brat for life ;)

Secondly, I thank that dearest friend of mine who called me the tamed lioness…if it hadn’t been for her support and encouragement I would not have gotten tamed.

And lastly my heartfelt thanks to all those people who have helped make me the metamorphosis from an ugly, ruthless brat to a beautiful and submissive girl and made even my nightmares look positively cute and charming :P
She walks with her head held high…
And an indifferent look that holds no one in doubt that
She is born to rule…

Her contortion of mouth into the shape of triangularia
Makes one feel she is suffering from spasmophilia
Her violent jerks of the head and her ‘wat bout uuuhhh’
Makes the masculine species of the humankind go ooooohh….

This wiry-haired beauty …oops… wry-eyed beauty
Is not just an enigmatic beauty but also an intellectual beauty
Who else in this whole world will think of calling out names
After asking to answer for roll number
When she says respond to roll-call
Many dogs respond with their cat-call.

Her one stare or even glare can make Caesar die again
And many more have died and are dying everyday
Maybe she is born to kill
And now u understand why she is born to rule...

It’s the most sagacious saga sans the typical bollywood-masala-type sacramental vows..the story mostly shot in untrodden narrow alleys of seoul is a heart breaking tale of a woman(simran) caught in the warp of circumstances. It’s a nerve-racking and emotion shattering high-pitched drama .

Three main characters have pivotal role to play in the movie but I think the movie goes out to the lead lady (kangana ranaut).the heart endearing part of this movie is it that does not deal with the problems of upper strata and wealthy people of our society(like what karan johar has taken to .. depicting exuberance and extravagance in his ultra-grandiose-and-lacking-soul movies)on the contrary the story takes out from the hearth-home of those people deprived of love and paisa.

the movie raises a whole gamut of emotions when it starts with a flashback(of course the whole story is in flashback mode..consisting of three flashbacks..each intertwined so subtly that it makes the story compassionate craft of beauty) kangna aka simran in the movie is deeply in love with daya who also happens to be a gangster.simran is a bar dancer earning her living for menial wages when every man desires nothing of her other than her sensual gratification of their senses and when daya shows her respect..wide horizons crop up in her lone and woebegone life and she begans to dream of a blissful and warm future but she never thought it will all come crashing on her like a thunderbolt out of blue and serene sky(of which she had always dreamt about) and leave her paralyzed with poignant pain and mortal agony for eternity.

daya is a recluse and decides to give up his killing for his love..but as people say “once you have taken the knife ,it will not end until somebody puts that knife through you too” his deadly profession follows him voraciously like a killer-shadow of his own self and he is pulled back into this highly-electric gaping black hole that has no evitable end and once again simran finds herself shunned to her lone-existence and this causes a relapse of her drunken orgy..that’s when aakash (emraan hashmi) comes into her life and he promises to fulfill her every unfulfilled dream and tells her that life goes on and only then does she see a shiny ray of hope in her dark and dingy existence but life again takes an unpleasant turn and everything goes haywire when daya retuns back to her and she is torn between the two.she gives in to daya’s attempts and goes back with him only to find she is pregnant with aakash’s child..time-and-again ditched into a dilemma..from there on the plot takes some of the most brilliant twists(which I shall not reveal here and spoil the charisma of the enticing tale which is best felt than read)

This story of love,remorse and atonement with its insatiable freshness and precarious flouting of the stereotype scores highly. It is one movie which besotted me completely and aroused my esthetic pleasure truly after a real long time...mahesh bhatt-the man behind the story needs appreciation for his fortitudinous delving into deep-etched and raw human emotions.kangna steps into the role of the impertinent and the lost woman impeccably and even emraan hashmi seems to have learnt acting in this movie and shiney ahuja shines and sparkles and his charcterization is sprinkled with flawless excellence.he has not got many lines in the movie but his splendid portrayal of a silent man has poetized the character(the scene when he is caught by the cops is the highlight of the movie)

the quaint final scene epitomizes the feel of this spectacularly woven saga

ps: saw the movie twice on the same day.. few days before my semester exams started and wanted to watch it once more