There was once a placid phase of my life when sleeping used to be the most important thing (after reading of course) , all those halcyon of times when I would contemplate the most important events that occurred during the course of the day ranging from what a bird-brainer the girl next to me was? to why arent people broad-minded? to what a great looker hrithik is...awww..and slowly doze off to my blissful, nay heavenly sleep. Ah! How much I miss my old self despite all its shortcomings of pristine, unfettered naiveté with its ingenuous trademark that saw the world in rose coloured glasses. I had loved my life more than any worldly thing and nothing else mattered to me more than myself, the grandiloquent self-love you might proclaim I possessed despite its mundane flaws bequeathed in me a sense of calm and joy that surpassed any other worldly happiness. I was blissfully ignorant of feeling for other humans around me and walked as if nobody else mattered except my own self. Selfishness, thou shall reckon it to be, but now I know it’s the path of illumination to find one’s Holy Grail. Oh yes, to each her own! (Microsoft word says there is a grammatical error in this line ..something to do with reflexive pronoun...Bah!!To hell with grammar and to even greater hell’s contorted passage may be subjected Microsoft). My life ambition was to find a yet-invincible-path that has never been traversed through and make it suitable for human congregation possible in that un-inhabited aisle that connects homo-sapien settlement to the other worldly ways.Everything seemed to have been under such a long hibernation that i almost thought that that bit of me died somewhere along the way, how wrong i was;)

Alright alright, am stopping it here, I can hear some long exasperated sighs already underway, no more moronic crap thrown at you jus coz you landed up here by mere accident:P

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On June 25, 2009 7:15 PM , irfaan merchant said...

language colourful as ever !!!!secondly wen was shameem tamable????

On June 25, 2009 10:40 PM , Sindhuja said...

Moronic???U has such thots???Thats news..Robert Frost thot of these b4 u for christ sake :P

On June 28, 2009 12:55 AM , Soupsticks - supriya said...

i cant relate to half of what you write sleepy head

On June 30, 2009 8:52 AM , shameem said...

never...tats d point;)

well i do i do:D

its not meant to be related to..its jus balderdash and mind u its wonderful writin crap and not havin to worry if its technically rite...if u know wat i mean:P