MSEC has a grand entourage of various blocks of departments,bulidings and trees is so huge that three colleges of different academic accreditations are encompassed into one single campus...can u imagine that..well this isnt on to understand more about this extravagant college.

MSEC is a synergy of an highly renowned landscape-beauty with lush gardens and a gurukul where true gandhian education is imparted...yes..gandhi would be content in his grave to hear that a truly erudite staff such as MSEC's is spreading values and education like no other in the world...more than the scholarly staff i must surely make a point on the method of sum it up in a word i could say un-pedantic...their motto is kindling the spirit of education and metamorphosizing the latent talents buried hidden in one and bringing it to the fore of the world...

But this post is neither about the luxurious landscape nor the intellectual capabilities of the professors who have descended from other planets called the wisdom-piter,experience-tune,rational-us and is about the other activities our college pursues to foster the all-round amelioration of a student like campus-cleaning.

Now why do i say campus-cleaning is a soul-nourishing-exercise thats bound to improve the personality of a because it imbibes in us knowledge such
as how to broom a floor, how to sweep staircases,how to pull grass from barren lands,how to sweep a whole road tell me where can u get such a packaged education which teaches u to broom,sweep and cleanse..all in a single there any place in the world which imparts broom-holding or pulling-the-grass strategies?... answer is NO...well to say.. the campus is already so spotlesslly clean that it doesnt require any further cleaning at all...every piece of article beddecking the college is unblemished and untarnished so much so that there isnt any necessity of it to be wiped clean at all...but the practice and the consequences of that earthly experience is what is kept in mind in bestowing upon this humble activity...truly humbling experience aint that?;)

To provide testimony to the afore mentioned facts,pictures right from ground-zero;)

the-to-be-sweep-ingineers of the MSEC;)

the aayas and akkas of the future-cleaning-force of the world:P

the broomstick warriors of final CSE;)

a moment that is frozen,that these sweepers aka aayas are so gonna cherish in their life to come:D:P

PS: no sarcasm has been intended,anybody percieving more than what has been intended can go hike themself..cmon guys am a so-totally innocuous soul incapable of anything more than straight talk:|

PPS:my college rules and anybody with contrary notions can go barge their heads on the refrain from throwing muck else u shall face dire consequence;)
My mind is lost in a deserted island...faraway from the inhabitance of humans.There is a long forgotten charm in this island that pulls me towards itself nonchalantly.It seemed to be a clear november morning or was it the heavens azure.. A tender rawness and earthy landscape which is brutal at the same time mystifying seemed to encompass me. There is this placid aura surrounding me that is at once alluring to my senses.A tropical bird which is the colour of a turquoise blue and the size of an eagle with a prominent aquiline beak was flapping its wings noisily nearby.I seem to be the lone sixth-sense being walking the rugged rocks and sands.I was plagued by millions of questions as i took to walking to find my way across..
Why was i here...What am i doing?? Was this where everybody landed or am i here because of the all the deeds i had committed in my lifetime.Wandering around this place gives me a deja vu..or is it just a bizarre play of mind.Am unable to think properly..thoughts come n go...but the feeling these evanescent thoughts
leave seem to stay with me for an eternity...
BAMM!! I landed on my bedroom floor..i woke up massaging my head,slowly coming out of the drowsy reverie and senses creeping back was all in my head was it??!!..what was that..a dream or a nightmare..not a dream because something about it
seemed to tantalize my soul like when your on a rollercoaster can never be sure whether you liked or dreaded at the end of it..only thing was it was contrary to the pace of a moved like an aeon passing every step i took each bestowing me with hundreds of centuries worth wisdom

I cannot describe it as being beautiful or ugly..
Rather i cud say it was like a subtle poignant poem on the veracity about something called life:)