why is it that every human puts the beauty of physical appearance on an exalted pedestal over the true character of the person?

This illusive question has been eluding my perception from a long time...

The exquisite outward appearance outstrips the inner purity and honesty quite intangibly in this mundane world.From the ages of begone era beauty has been deified and worshipped by even erudite and ancient folks.Beautiful women have always been the occupants of the throne in the altars of eminent greatness and also reigned the hearts of millions of men from time immemorial.The ethereal attraction of beauty has held people enchanted in its clasp and wars have been fought and men have died for the sake of some imbecile beauty.But why isnt that no war yet been fought for the one who was ugly yet intelligent?

My inept gleaning of the truth has lead only to the painful acceptance of the inevitable answer in my 20 year existence in this terraqueous orb:(
I am not innately beautiful...on the contarary am appallingly plain....yet i love the way i am. Wars will not be fought for me but i shall fight my battles to get my answers.And finally if i dont get my answer i shall wail like a banshee lamenting the death of sensibility.