Most of my posts have been subtle musings and my mystical-cum-philosophical enlightenment of life or rather my insolent ranting about the world…to understand what I mean check this out suckin world and Is life gettin perplexin or am i...

I had stopped blogging for a while because that intensified my propensity to scream and rant about trivial and petty things which I have come to realize now... So am on a retrospection mode...analyzing SHAMEEM THEN and SHAMEEM NOW


1) My first impressions then were the worst impressions but these days my second and third impressions are also turning out to be shoddier :(

2) Once one of my friends told me
"Shameem, u have such a wild and wicked imagination, you could write a novel…Sigh!!"
(Now don’t go asking me to start writing a novel in the comment section...i know many people are awaiting my book already )…it was then…now I cant even write a decent post... my forlorn imagination has gone astray and has been replaced by a hapless sensibility which prevents me from making brazen statements about people and things anymore.

3) I once told my teacher
“You had two whole hours today, mam….but u dint take a thing”
But now I have learnt to keep my big-fat mouth shut for good…I don’t make such abnormally inconceivable raw statements even if they are true :(

4) The above statement might lead you to feel this lioness has been tamed and she has turned into a poltroon…not that some people haven’t already suggested all those people I wish to tell…
“Shameem tamed…sheesh…u wish!!”
Well, why am I behaving like this you might ask…blame it on the slow creeping of sensibility into my head :( is my answer.

5) When I was 17 years old my doctor once told
“the problem with shameem is intellectually she is like that of a 21 year old, but emotionally she is like a 12 year old”
Maybe this was the reason I was behaving weirdly with people some time ago and clearly lacking to understand emotions but no more...people who are conspiring against me and trying to collect points against me, don’t jump on this one coz it exists no more and no more I shall say here.

6) Life seemed to be a never-ending nightmare but now I wish it never ends…even if I have to do with the nightmares.

First of all thanks to that teacher of mine who inculcated discipline in me. If it hadn’t been for her I would have been a ruthless brat for life ;)

Secondly, I thank that dearest friend of mine who called me the tamed lioness…if it hadn’t been for her support and encouragement I would not have gotten tamed.

And lastly my heartfelt thanks to all those people who have helped make me the metamorphosis from an ugly, ruthless brat to a beautiful and submissive girl and made even my nightmares look positively cute and charming :P