She walks with her head held high…
And an indifferent look that holds no one in doubt that
She is born to rule…

Her contortion of mouth into the shape of triangularia
Makes one feel she is suffering from spasmophilia
Her violent jerks of the head and her ‘wat bout uuuhhh’
Makes the masculine species of the humankind go ooooohh….

This wiry-haired beauty …oops… wry-eyed beauty
Is not just an enigmatic beauty but also an intellectual beauty
Who else in this whole world will think of calling out names
After asking to answer for roll number
When she says respond to roll-call
Many dogs respond with their cat-call.

Her one stare or even glare can make Caesar die again
And many more have died and are dying everyday
Maybe she is born to kill
And now u understand why she is born to rule...