It’s the most sagacious saga sans the typical bollywood-masala-type sacramental vows..the story mostly shot in untrodden narrow alleys of seoul is a heart breaking tale of a woman(simran) caught in the warp of circumstances. It’s a nerve-racking and emotion shattering high-pitched drama .

Three main characters have pivotal role to play in the movie but I think the movie goes out to the lead lady (kangana ranaut).the heart endearing part of this movie is it that does not deal with the problems of upper strata and wealthy people of our society(like what karan johar has taken to .. depicting exuberance and extravagance in his ultra-grandiose-and-lacking-soul movies)on the contrary the story takes out from the hearth-home of those people deprived of love and paisa.

the movie raises a whole gamut of emotions when it starts with a flashback(of course the whole story is in flashback mode..consisting of three flashbacks..each intertwined so subtly that it makes the story compassionate craft of beauty) kangna aka simran in the movie is deeply in love with daya who also happens to be a gangster.simran is a bar dancer earning her living for menial wages when every man desires nothing of her other than her sensual gratification of their senses and when daya shows her respect..wide horizons crop up in her lone and woebegone life and she begans to dream of a blissful and warm future but she never thought it will all come crashing on her like a thunderbolt out of blue and serene sky(of which she had always dreamt about) and leave her paralyzed with poignant pain and mortal agony for eternity.

daya is a recluse and decides to give up his killing for his love..but as people say “once you have taken the knife ,it will not end until somebody puts that knife through you too” his deadly profession follows him voraciously like a killer-shadow of his own self and he is pulled back into this highly-electric gaping black hole that has no evitable end and once again simran finds herself shunned to her lone-existence and this causes a relapse of her drunken orgy..that’s when aakash (emraan hashmi) comes into her life and he promises to fulfill her every unfulfilled dream and tells her that life goes on and only then does she see a shiny ray of hope in her dark and dingy existence but life again takes an unpleasant turn and everything goes haywire when daya retuns back to her and she is torn between the two.she gives in to daya’s attempts and goes back with him only to find she is pregnant with aakash’s child..time-and-again ditched into a dilemma..from there on the plot takes some of the most brilliant twists(which I shall not reveal here and spoil the charisma of the enticing tale which is best felt than read)

This story of love,remorse and atonement with its insatiable freshness and precarious flouting of the stereotype scores highly. It is one movie which besotted me completely and aroused my esthetic pleasure truly after a real long time...mahesh bhatt-the man behind the story needs appreciation for his fortitudinous delving into deep-etched and raw human emotions.kangna steps into the role of the impertinent and the lost woman impeccably and even emraan hashmi seems to have learnt acting in this movie and shiney ahuja shines and sparkles and his charcterization is sprinkled with flawless excellence.he has not got many lines in the movie but his splendid portrayal of a silent man has poetized the character(the scene when he is caught by the cops is the highlight of the movie)

the quaint final scene epitomizes the feel of this spectacularly woven saga

ps: saw the movie twice on the same day.. few days before my semester exams started and wanted to watch it once more
Poetry - the quintessence of literature
Why does it bring in me a “fit of seizure”??

Embellished with words sundry
Characteristic of notions that are tawdry

Pertaining to the principle of limericks and iambics
But lacking in the theory of analytics

Loved universally by men-erudite and eminent
But being shallow and incoherent in content

Brimming full of immodesty and immorality
Yet given the status -“elixir of immortality”

Is all about vivid and pleasing narration
Then why does it irk me - its exaggeration

Now, this is poetry better than poets of yore
Will make even wordsworth cry “give me more”

Why is it that emotions are considered to be something sacred…why is it that some people find it difficult to emote their deep-heart feelings…..why do some people not perceive or understand this difficulty of some…..why are some people termed immature emotionally for their age....what does maturity got to do with age….

emotions ….the very word brings different kinds of emotions to my heart….i don’t know what people think about it but according to me it is something which is very near to your heart….it is the most basic feeling which connects you with others and makes your ephemeral existence in this world worth-while….its origin is unknown but its existence has been from time immemorial.…it is felt deep inside and need not be prudently paraded to the outside world...

Despite my understanding in the heart, it remains unfathomable to my mind….when it is something so basic to your life then why do some people try to tamper with this notion…why do people want you to portray a different picture…why do people expect you to pretend like.. you like somebody whom you hate….why don’t people not understand the complexity of portraying fake emotions….to some it might seem like a child’s play to bring out phony emotions to get your work done….but to some this very thing is impossible because it is against their consciousness(which they deem to be their divine god)…and it is by this conscious they work day and night…yet when you go by it people think you are insane and abnormal… are branded as i-think-iam-always-right kinda person possessing an inflated and extra-large head which would defy gravity even when falling down from the sky.

Why is it that some people affect you more than anything else and yet they fail to understand this…why is it that you would love to say that you don’t give a damn about somebody or something yet fail miserably when you try to impart it to your life…..why is it that at times you feel like whale shit in the subterranean ocean and yet can do nothing about it…and even taking anti-depressants would not assist you to feel better here…

I have always been the lone fighter and will always be one too…..the whole world can join hands and conspire against me yet I will not give up ….even if people think I have got a puffed up and repugnant worthless mass in my head instead of brains I will not reform (in their words)….and I will stop trying to understand emotions using my brain… will I since I got no brains….right??

Ps: question marks have been avoided to avoid gross irritation of readers keeping in mind their annoying repetition might shoo off my non-existent visitors
Yet another screwed up week at coll n loadsa fun in d cochin trip...Wanted to write elaborately abt all these but decided to chuck my story for a somebody gives a damn to my sordid change of topic

The title might seem to be absurd and even derisive to quite a degree to quite a few people......those who agree with me would do so on the grounds of worshipping the actors as demi-gods but that is not so.... and those who are able to comprehend my point here and yet disagree are bound to change their opinion at the end of this post....nope this is no affected display of prudence yet again from my side on the contrary a humble question posed to every one to ponder....

Actors ....ahhhhh.....the charming and handsome hunks whom every girl adores ….and the sexy ladies who enchant every guy with their appealing looks and a wink of their eye ....ever wondered what makes them tick?....the answer to that question would be ...their perfect display of expressions in synchronous with their picture-perfect features ....but hasn’t this very thing made them inhuman....actors act and this indispensable quality in them makes it inevitable for them to lead a normal life like others. A true actor has to bring out the deepest of emotions etched in the bottom most cell of his body to the surface with exaggerated extravagance and graceful opulence. They need to perform intimate and intricate scenes which in itself are a tussle with the two conflicting emotions ……consciousness and morality on one side and your love for the profession (let’s not get to the money part of it here) on the other shore.... and above all that the sensuous scenes between any two actors would encompass and entwine their souls for at least a short period in which they work together....and if it doesn’t then the actors must be devoid of human compassions what does this make them??
Some might argue that once a person enters the arena of action and dramatics they are bound to lose their initial stigma and learn to manipulate their feelings accordingly but doesn’t this make them all the more pathos-eviscerated creatures….
As the actors perfect their flair in flawless-acting, they slowly lose their sensitivity and sensibility or are it that they gain more maturity and experience in worldly things?? A question which has been an illusion eluding and teasing my senses from a long time....
Sham it,
At charisma lane,
Confused corner,
Suckin world- 666666

The best friend,
Golden-friendship alley,
Pleasant world -777777

Subject: termination of patience

My dearest,
How are u doing? Hope you are in the rosiest of your health mentally. I have lost mine and at the end of this I hope that you don’t lose yours.
How was your tour to Bangalore? I am sure it would have been fantastic from the tales you have been feeding my blood-trickling ears (bound to be what with it being the only “village city” in India). When I come back from a tour you do not have the patience to listen to my morbid tales and instead you feed me with your sordid affairs that happened during the week.....i mean who will listen to a rustic’s story of a rural area like are absolutely right to do so and I admire your endurance limit for tolerating a tarnished and mortal ass like me.
I am tremendously sorry for infringing and invading your privacy without prior information and I’ll try my best not to add fuel to any fire even if I am conflagrating and rotting in the inferno. But what will I do if I am the smoldering flame out to set ablaze the malevolent and obnoxious devils of the world. But the devil is far better, the devil atleast has the patience to listen to my run-of-the-mill stories without an I-don-give-a-fuckin-damn-about-your-friggin-tales kinda expression. I apologize for trying to express my opinion in any of your personal matter....after all I am just a sleazy rag-doll who has a gigantic ear and a gargantuan heart to listen to your enticing tales without any judgement from my side.
But I must confess the thing that made me really happy beyond bounds was your statement “I have no best friend in life”. You are right.... nobody in the world could be anybody’s best friend. All this friendship and crap is a sham and whoever claims that he has a best friend who will be by his side for eternity is a fool. Trillions of thanks for enlightening me and reviving me from the bamboozlement (in which I was hoodwinked few years ago).

Your best friend
for perpetuity

Ps: this is strictly for the eyes of my BEST friend
Pps: this is especially dedicated to the “world friendship day” which we couldn’t celebrate togethe....
Ppps: anybody passing this post by accident (has to be acciden...coz no one in their sane minds will do so by their pure fondness) don’t take this to be a inscrutable deadpan (even if my friend is one) of a post (even if I keep posting post-post-post scripts)....atleast its not as muddled and chaotic like some who write a letter to themselves and post it as a post.
life is suddenly seeming to be a never-ending nightmare except that every time I wake up…..this one never seems to end……it is one thing that the grotesque images keep flashing in your mind……but the feeling that it will never leave you…….leaves you more tantalizing if possible……..
I have been drawn into a web of treachery and deceit by someone whom I once counted as my friend………been drawn into this web though I wanted no part of it…….i firmly believe the true existence of life is the feeling of complacency that encompasses every human soul…..but when such a web of threads(that decide relationships)is shattered by a greater web….it hits me…..hits me harder than a slap on the face…..right this person is not doing this the first time……many a times this has happened …..every time been forgiven for her cowardly and foolish activities……but this time it shall not be…..

The way iam talking about it… might seem to people that I used to like this person previously and iam simply moaning about the person’s petty mis-demeanor……but it is not true…..i actually never liked the person…. though maintained a cordial and amicable relationship with her for the heck of it……

Iam being scrutinized by some screw-balls who happen to be my “so-called teachers”…….the reason……the above mentioned specimen who happens to share my bench goes and complains about a teacher to the hod…..without any of our knowledge…….and the teacher comes to the class asking who was that person who went and complained…..and when asked us we sincerely refuse saying it wasn’t us……and the teacher calls us out(excluding the specimen) and has a brief talk enquiring who was it…..still in the darkness we continue refusing…..and the topic shifted to her teaching ways…….the teacher asks me to be frank and I reply in complete honesty that I cant get a word wat shez saying in the classes……..requesting her to start all over again….after all its been just one week since the college started……now she has to defend herself….she says how am i to complete the portions…..and the raving mouth of mine says “you had two whole hours today, mam….but u dint take a thing”…..well yeah two whole hours in which she dint even make an attempt to come near the board and pick up the chalk-piece….well this statement seems to have jolted her senses in its abnormally-inconceivable raw truthness…..all this happens and the specimen still does not confess the truth…..

And I along with two of my other friends have to frequent “your majesty”(the hod)……for no crime of ours......she calls us to meet her and when we turned up ……she just keeps walking off……..acknowledgement of our presence seems to be far below “your majesty’s” level and dignity I guess……despite the fact that “your majesty” hates to be spoken in English(especially by girls)…..i do….not out of superiority or the habit of snubbing…..but just coz that’s way I am…….and so after hours of making us wait at 4.30 she again walks out saying its un-official hours……so no point of waiting….you can meet me on Monday… need not attend any classes ever again…..and with that note she goes off……
I can clearly see what is “her majesty’s” motive in all this……she does not have a rock-solid point or any tangible evidence against us… she cant stop and say you commited this crime and iam punishing you for this(the reason why she keeps walking off)…..she is expecting us to cringe under her gaze and apologize most profusely…..but I shall not…..never …..not even if it happens to be my last breath of my life in this agonizingly manipulative and highly distorted world……
I want to hurl these thoughts away …..iam tired of the retrospection……

i mean why should I sham an apologizing look…….would never do it…… not even for calling myself the “sham charisma”.

Ps: though this post might hint heavily that iam mentally deranged(raving gibberish) ……iam not so….this is just some of my random thoughts … .and the pessimism which has been showered all over it shall be over-come by the wrought-iron spirit I pride myself to possess……. in a few days…..
the exams concluded few days ago......and i was rejoicing the hols though it was of short duration.......had planned loads of things for the hols.....main priority was to catch every soccer match despite the untimely hours a book or two.....etc etc
the perfunctory exams in itself were really very tiresome as i tried to cram everythin in the last minute.....but i dint know that what was to follow would rattle my existence......
i started watching every match and would go to sleep as late as 3.30 in the morning(wouldnt even miss harsha bogle's talk after the match concludes and if possible would also try to catch up the news in headlines today.......esp if it has zakka jacob reading the news ) ....this continued for few days.....and the college reopened.....the main priority had not been given away.....slowly there seemed to be subtle changes.......which became a constant worry for my parents......the accumulated sleep-deprivation of many days was taking itz toll on my physical and mental puffy eyes ,dark patches under the eyes and ghastly appearance was one thing.......lack of catering to the appetite(aggrevated by the bitter sensation of the tongue)worsened the condition......though i pride myself to belong to the indefatigable class of species....this was more than i could bear.....every nerve and every cell seemed to revolt under the strenuosity.......this self-onslaught made me do following things(not in any order)....
1)not turn up for the old schoolmates reunion-party
2)write abnormal and incoherent things(this very post is testimonial to the fact)
3)deny my mom's request to go shopping for the nth time
4)bunk my driving-classes
5)bicker with my best friend
well,the last one just proved that i had turned into an insolent-freak and my newly acquired peevishness was turning to be my nemesis.....i cannot undo things i have done.....but i shall try to seek salvation for the sins i have committed......and the first step towards that would gonna skip today's final match and get my sleep....zzzzzzzzzzz

you enter into your new class on the first be greeted by a bunch of geeky kids all immersed in their newly brought books and summarizing portions they studied during the look like an alien left to saunter in a forlorn arena......then the grand rescue comes when you spot a girl clad in capris and tees with funky accesories to match your style.......and you have an animated discussion about the sports,actors(or rather about the handsome hunks like cristiano ronaldo n tom cruise) you like .......and u realize that both of you share the same enthusiasm about different things......only when you start to feel at ease .......something strikes you blatantly......your initial ecstasy turns into morbid irritation......though your tastes match.......your wavelength doesnt vibe with her.....there is something tacky about the way she is......she is a slut
your solitary ride from the college gets all charged up and electrified when you catch a glimpse of a bike raced down by a guy whose shiny and jet-black hair is swishing in the breeze........and you blithely turn your head and look sideways (who the heck gives a damn 'bout the approaching vehicles)........breaaaak....yeah you stop the bike with a jerk .....not coz you are boggled by the good looks of the guy but in pure repugnance.......the guy's face resembles a squirmy black toad(rite i kno tat such a species doesnt exist...itz my wicked imagination)....... a rubber-tyre black face with hair that matches his face colour.....he surely is not deigned to be drooled over
these two instances just epitomizes my feelings.........exquisite clothes,suavity,and macho looks are few of the things that might draw you instinctly towards some people are ensnared by the first impresion they create........but the feeling ebbs away soon in a fleeting second......the ephemeral thought leaves you to ponder ......and you are left musing that the first impresions are the worst impresions.......well people thats my first post dont go having first impresions come back to see the real me......till then chow